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When mum gives you Disney princess stickers and you just cant contain your excitement
❝ I think I lost myself before i lost you
9 word story (via vodka-and-ashtrays)
❝ I may not be fine.
I may be far from okay.
I may be a walking wreck.
But I’ll carry on.
Little by little,
I’ll be better
Not that easy.
Not that fast.
But I will.
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❝ I still smell you on my pillows and I still feel you tangled in my sheets.
I can’t escape you and I don’t want to (via soulsscrawl)
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❝ For which f are you drinking to? Fuck, forget, or fun?
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Anxiety attacks are the worst because sometimes you have no idea why you’re crying or angry and you just think of everything wrong in your life and you can’t control it all you can do is breath in and out and cry it out


how much does a friend cost and do i get a discount if i buy 4

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party on wayne
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